Top Five: Celluloid Cereal

Cereal is one of the most nutritionally complete food groups out there, second only to beer. Movie characters can often be seen munching on this most varied and delicious of breakfast options- let this lot below show you how to kick start your day.

5. Monsters Inc. (2001) – Too much cereal may result in overdose…as seen in Monsters Inc when a human child passes out and (presumably) drowns in his bowl of milky sludge.


4. Friday (1995) – Get your bowl, get your spoon, select your delicious breakfast treat, pour it in the bowl and open the fridge… NO MILK!! Ice Cube discovers that putting water on cereal just isn’t the same.


3. Taxi Driver (1976) – Travis Bickle forgot to do the shopping last night.  As a last resort he substitutes Weetabix for white bread, sugar, milk and peach brandy. It actually looks quite nice.


2.  The Hurt Locker (2008) – Jeremy Renner is spoilt for choice. No matter how many IED’s he has defused in his time, nothing could prepare him for this most crucial of decisions; Cap’n Crunch or Lucky Charms? Choose both Jeremy! Choose Both!


1. Pusher 2 (2004)- Some people like to put sugar on their cornflakes. Pusher’s Tonny puts heroin on his. I bet it tastes pretty dope…



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