TOP FIVE: Movie Drinking Games

Whether you’re going out and want to add a bit of cinematic spice to your pre-drinks, or if you just feel like passing out on the couch and having fun while doing so, then this is the list for you. Don’t forget to stock up in advance, and under no circumstances use Jack Daniels’ ‘Winter Jack’.


5.  Trainspotting (1994) – You’ll be begging Begbie to shut up as you dutifully chug gulp after gulp in conjunction with his foul mouthed soliloquies. Have a mouthful or two of your beverage every time someone says ‘Scmack’, ‘Shite’, or ‘Cunt’. You may have to do a fair bit of pausing on this one. Same rules apply any time one of the characters OD’s or shits themselves.  Verdict:  Puts the ‘loco’ in ‘locomotive’.


4. Goodfellas  (1990) – Two fingers of beer every time someone gets punched, does a line of coke or mentions food, AND every time a Peter, Paul or Mary gets introduced at Henry’s wedding. Also, a shot for every time somebody gets whacked, preferably Jack Daniels – it’s Henry Hill’s favourite. Verdict:  ‘As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to die of alcohol poisoning’.

Quick montage vid here if you have the time.

  3. Harsh Times (2005)  – Drink two fingers of beer each time somebody says ‘fuck’, ‘yo’, or ‘dawg’. Have a shot of liquor each time somebody does any variation of a handshake. Verdict:  Like protagonist Jim, you’ll end up with a hangover and a serious case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Smashed Disorder).

2. Withnail and I (1987) – Quite simple this one… in theory, at least. Sip for alcoholic sip, you must consume the exact amount that Wihtnail does. If you want, the lighter fluid can be substituted for vinegar. Verdict: Withnail and I? More like With-hammered and I…

Don’t drive after playing this one.

1. The Expendables  (2010) – Drink a shot of liquor every time someone says ‘Pirate’, ‘Brother’, or ‘Expendable’. Same goes for every time someone makes a pun, bumps fists/wrists, brandishes a knife or gets decapitated. Warning – Your liver is NOT expendable, so approach with caution. Verdict:  You’ll be less like villain Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more like Stone Cold on the floor.

Here’s a confusing video, taken around half an hour into Movie Quibble’s attempt. Directorial credits go to @AdamWtrfld.


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