NEWS: The Transporter series gets rebooted, Statham gets put in the boot


Although he had a great deal of exposure through Lock Stock (1998) and Snatch  (2000), the best of Guy Rithcie’s gaggle of gangster flicks,  ‘The Stath’ didn’t consolidate himself as an action star staple until 2002’s The Transporter, which saw him neither taking or giving names as the ex-marine Frank Martin.

The following two sequels lacked the horsepower of the original, with the ever increasingly outlandish fight scenes proving tiresome, but overall Statham made a clean, dignified getaway from the series before it broke down. Now, just six years on (SIX YEARS!) from Transporter 3, EuropaCorp are starting afresh, and plan to reignite the series next year with Ed Skrein in the driver’s seat.

Skrein, a mixtape MC and alumnus of the illustrious ‘Run Dem Crew’, is best known for his role as a manipulative thug (and occasional pimp) from Plan B’s debut feature film, Ill Manors.  This reboot is a bad idea, and were Frank Martin real he would be very dubious about the projects potential mileage.

Stand by for news about Plan B’s casting as Crank’s  Chev Chelios, it should be coming in any day. Now for a couple of videos. First, Mr Stahtams’s finest moment in his greatest role, made all the better by the fact that you only have to endure three words of his mongrelised attempt at an American accent.

Brilliant. And now, observe the music video for Ed Skrein’s most recent ‘song’, presented without comment. OK, one comment; one of the dislikes on the clip MAY be from Movie Quibble…


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