Top Five: Room Wreckings


There’s an hour long documentary on YouTube called ‘Hellraisers’ which recounts the revelries of various ne’er-do-well celebrity figures, including the likes of Peter O’ Toole (RIP), Oliver Reed and Richard Harris. Truth be told, the doc is a fairly one-dimensional take on the hellraising lifestyle, with the bitter lows pushed to the back in favour of boozy anecdotes about brawls and broads, but some footage of Keith Moon’s room wrecking prowess was enough to inspire a quick blog post, so here it is.


5. Where the Buffalo Roam (1980 )– Hunter S. Thomson and hotel rooms didn’t get along. On one of his gonzo benders, Thompson ruined a wall in the Hilton, totalled two cars and walked through a plate glass door. Where the Buffalo Roam  is by no means the definitive on screen representation of Thompson, but Bill Murray pulls off drug addled intellect with skill, sending cops and hoteliers on a Wild Turkey* chase of epic pro-portions**.

*Hunter’s drink of choice.

**As in large meal servings – Thompson was famed for his ability to consume three of four days worth of food in a single breakfasting session.

4. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) – No matter how high, no matter how hungry, best buds H and K will not settle for the greasy slop served up in joints like Beige Tower and Terracotta Chateaux. White Castle is what they want, and no wonder – the mere mention of those shining burger battlements is enough to send the fat guy from Transformers  into a property-damaging delirium.

3. The Blues Brothers (1980) –  Lots of rooms get wrecked in this one. With the blues-mobile at their disposal, Jake and Elwood maul this mall to pieces. Talk about window shopping… Absolute car-nage!

2. Citizen Kane (1941) – C. F. K. goes apeshit after his new chain of fast food emporiums, Chicken Fried in Kentucky, is bought out by a more popular company with fewer syllables in its name. On the flip side, he does find that one snow globe he lost that one time.  Perhaps he could go into the s-led business. Salad? Sled? Kill me.

1. Zombieland (2009)  – Dawn of the Dead  had it all wrong. You wouldn’t moan and shuffle around, trying on fancy clothes and sniffing perfumes while the flesh-eating apocalypse raged on outside. No sir, you’d get drunk and smash some shit up. Fu**k you, consumerism!


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