TOP FIVE: Drunken Punch-Ups

There’s something to be said for watching your favourite film stars stociously punching one another in the face without consequence. Film violence is the best violence, and when the perps are heavily inebriated then it’s even better. Here are Movie Quibble’s top five drunken brawls.

5. The Hurt Locker (2008) – The sniper scene from Kathryn Bieglow’s stark look at the Iraq conflict is perhaps the tensest five minutes in any war film, ever. Naturally, when it’s all over the lads need to blow off a little steam, so they play a game of Mexican abortion clinic. This means that they get wasted and take turns punching one another really hard in the abdomen.


4. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)  –  Granted, it’s Sherlock that does most of the work, taking on a dirty Cossack at his own cut-throat game, but it’s Watson the unsuspecting, soon to be married gambler that steals the show. ‘Just had a fight! *collapses* ‘JUST HAD A FIGHT!’ Drunken acting at its finest.

3. Airplane (1980) –  A sprawling, table-smashing girl vs girl bar fight of epic proportions, these girl scouts have thoroughly earned their ‘fisticuffs’ and ‘alcohol consumption’ badges. Brownie points all round. Or should that be Blackeye points?

2. Mean Streets (1976) – Captured in the most bewildering, over the shoulder style by Martin Scorsese, this fight scene is funny as hell. Watch on as a disorientated Harvey Kietel gets laid out on a pool table while Robert DeNiro seeks the felt-covered safety of high ground. They haven’t got a cue what’s going on!

1. Kickboxer (1987)  – Jean Claude Van Damme gets Jean Claude Van Slammed. JCVD is a bit like a Gremlin really; Keep him away from rice wine, don’t let him near a dance floor, and whatever you do don’t let him listen to Beau Williams.


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