News: Fuse Film Festival 2014


Fuse Film Fest is a brilliant, on-the-up short film festival which aims to showcase the finest directorial talents in the UK (and beyond). Based in Manchester, Fuse Film’s third year will be its biggest and best so far, and as ‘Fuse Festival Editor’ for 2014, Movie Quibble will be striving to promote awareness and involvement with the event. The festival itself, held in the illustrious Manchester Student Union, will be running all day on Sunday the 18th of May and submissions for the short film entries are open until April 20th. Check out the website ( ) in case you want to find out more or are interested in having your film shown and potentially crowned winner of Fuse Fest 2014. There are four categories (Short Film, Short Documentary, Student Short, Student Doc), and all are welcome. Entry is just £3, and £2 for students.

Anyone who can make it on May 18th should come along as it’s cheap and there will be a variety of delectations to satiate your senses; ace short features from the best budding directors around (you could meet the New-brick (new Stanley Kubrick)) beverages both alcoholic in content and non, plus delightful hosting and a pleasant environment full of like-minded film lovers. Please spread the word to anyone film makers you may know, and anyone on the short film circuit looking for the perfect spotlight for their latest work. Again, deadline for entry is April 20th. Here’s the submission page:

Finally, in the unlikelihood of your reading this and not immediately setting aside the date of May 18th so that you can attend Fuse Fest 2014, you can at least support us by giving our FB page a like: While you’re at it, follow our Twitter account, @FuseFilmFestMcr, which Movie Quibble is currently using to annoy organisations into Re-tweeting us. Thanks for reading, and hopefully you can join us on the day! We know that you will though.


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