Monthly Archives: April 2014

Review: Calvary – 4/5

Director: John Michael McDonagh Cast: Brendan Gleeson, Kelly Reilley, Dylan Moran, Aiden Gillen, Chris O’ Dowd Cert: 15 Run time: 100 min Plot: While hearing confession, a good natured priest (Gleeson) is told he is going to be murdered for the crimes of the Catholic Church by an unseen member of his small town parish. […]

News: Fuse Film Festival 2014

Fuse Film Fest is a brilliant, on-the-up short film festival which aims to showcase the finest directorial talents in the UK (and beyond). Based in Manchester, Fuse Film’s third year will be its biggest and best so far, and as ‘Fuse Festival Editor’ for 2014, Movie Quibble will be striving to promote awareness and involvement […]