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‘Some Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Film’ – The Revenant

Staying to the end of The Revenant’s credits you might notice, if you’re looking for it, a suspicious lack of the usual ‘No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Motion Picture’ message, accompanied by the American Humane Association’s iconic multispecies stamp. This is troubling, because it means there may have been insufficient levels […]

Top Five: Robin Williams Things

  Robin Williams has died. Thousands upon thousands of obsequious, knee-jerk Twitter obituaries have been posted – mine included. But at the end of the damn day he was a comedian (and one of the finest at that) and in his proper state he wouldn’t have wanted anyone to be down about it. Increase your […]

Top Five: Football Films to Watch in Between Word Cup Matches

What about that opening ceremony! Who wants a golden boot when you have massive flipping robot legs instead? It’s the Brazilian World Cup 2014, so football is now happening. Lots of it. There’s about three or four games scheduled per day which, including analysis and rubbish BBC mini-docs and goal montages to the tune of […]

Fuse Film Fest 2014 Official Report (Official!)

‘You know what they say: The greatest films have the smallest audiences.’ How true those words, spoken by keen-eyed Fuse Festival director Bogdan Niculescu, proved on Sunday May 18th. It’s not unfair to say that, while still an improvement on Fuse 13, Fuse Festival 2014 did not have the largest of turnouts (we blame the […]

News: Fuse Film Festival 2014

Fuse Film Fest is a brilliant, on-the-up short film festival which aims to showcase the finest directorial talents in the UK (and beyond). Based in Manchester, Fuse Film’s third year will be its biggest and best so far, and as ‘Fuse Festival Editor’ for 2014, Movie Quibble will be striving to promote awareness and involvement […]

100th Post! Top 100 Movie Props/Memorabilia plus FREE STUFF giveaways

‘Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well!’ One hundred posts, eh? Movie Quibble started off as an experiment, but in a matter of months it has developed into my number one method of killing time in order to make it to the end of the day. Big thanks go to everyone who’s read my blog in […]

News: Saint Sir Patrick’s Day

Move over Ireland/Guinness/Jameson/Novelty hats*, because there’s a new holiday in town, and it’s been made in honour of none other than Sir Patrick Stewart (other aliases include Captain Picard, Charles Xavier, P. Stewey, King Richard and Gandalf’s best mate). One can wax lyrical about this great man all the damn day long, but let’s save […]

News: The Academy Awards 2014

What you’re about to read is an unedited report on yesterdays Oscars, which did not finish until 5.20am UK time. Movie Quibble was far too tired/unwilling/drunk to actually post it at such an ungodly hour, but it’s here now. So, the Oscars are over and done with at last. At the risk of sounding like […]

News: Oscars 2014 Foreign Film Nominees

This post is of no worth. It was written for The Mancunion magazine as part of an Oscars special, but they chose not to use it, so now it’s here. None of the other gazillion categories will be covered in such detail, but there will be an overall Oscars report tomorrow night. If your reaction […]

News: Gearing up for Godzilla

Since his first roarcous outing in 1954, Godzilla (aka Gojira) has continued to grow in both size and popularity. This year the rampant reptile makes his 29th movie appearance in Legendary Studios’ Godzilla  remake, directed by Welshman Gareth Edwards. This will be the most immense Godzilla movie yet, and Edwards is an intriguing choice as […]